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How we can help

Pharmacy Help have trained pharmacists to assist in the set up of testing equipment. Data collected for diagnosis is relayed to a physician who in turn determines the treatment options best suited for the client. Unlike many 'sleep labs', there is no conflict of interest in the diagnosis, as the physician has no financial part in the sale of treatment solutions.

Long term relationships with our staff and customers are based on a foundation of trust and respect. As with all aspects of Pharmacy Help, we treat every client with dignity and confidentiality. We believe that sleep apnoea like any other medical condition requires professional and qualified diagnosis and treatment. We believe it is a serious condition with consequences that affect quality of life. As with all areas of pharmacy, your health is our priority.

Please follow the guide below to help us assist you:


1. Complete the Epworth Sleepiness Test to find out whether you are at risk.
Print out your result and bring to the pharmacy or complete in store.


2. Make an appointment with your local participating Pharmacy Help. Recommended if your Epworth score was 10 or over.
3. At your appointment fill in the privacy consent form and hand it in.
4. During your appointment you will be instructed how to fit the diagnostic device and receive all the necessary information required.
Any questions you may have can be discussed with your Pharmacist.


5. Go home with the diagnostic machine and return the following day to drop it off at a time convenient to you.
6. Your physician will be delivered a copy of the results to discuss treatment options if necessary.


7. You will be contacted to discuss the diagnosis and treatment options when the results are ready (usually within a fortnight).