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Formula 5 for children

Coming into the colder weather over the next few months, the little ones are likely to pick up the odd sniffle or even fever. Although it is a natural and normal part of growing up and developing a mature immune system, some steps may be needed to offer the immune system some encouragement. Always ready to lend a helping hand is Formula 5. This is a tried and true homoeopathic remedy that has formed part of the Naturopath's armoury against immune challenges for many years and it is available at Pharmacy Help stores.

Unlike classical Homoeopathy, which uses single ingredients to slowly achieve a result, Formula 5 has a selection of ingredients for the synergistic enhancement of results. I hear you ask, "when should I use Formula 5 ?" Simple, think of the key words IMMUNE and MUCOUS. Formula 5 is indicated whenever there is an immune system involvement or when excess mucous is present. This includes allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, colds and flu. Formula 5 can also be combined with other formulae to treat specific conditions such as glue ear, coughs, chicken pox and teething.

Another benefit of using Formula 5 is that it is safe to use with all medications and even Mum, Dad, Granny and Grandad can use it too! For more information on the many applications and dosage of Formula 5 just ask instore.