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The Pharmacy Help Story

it all began with the first Pharmacy 777 which opened its doors as a modest 100 square metre corner store in 1962 fronting onto the corner of Canning Hwy and Riseley Street, Applecross. The original owner was Ken Hurst, a man with great drive and vision. He turned what was the Tenerife Outdoor Picture Garden into a booming 7 days per week pharmacy. Its address is 777 Canning Hwy so it became known as "Pharmacy 777" and the story began.

Applecross 1962 and today

777 Applecross 1962                                              777 Applecross Today

From day one Ken could see the potential of the location and set out at a ferocious pace to grow the business with the primary aim of service to the public. During these early days Pharmacy 777 became a house hold name as the crusader of the ultimate in customer service. It was at a great sacrifice, as Ken had to be available 24 hours a day. As a result he moved his family into a flat on top of the pharmacy. At night customers would ring a doorbell and Ken would open the front door by an electric button and meet them down in the pharmacy.

Ken Hurst and Family

Ken hurst and Family

In 1967 Ken Hurst took on Michael Dillon as a partner. During the next few years with Michael's drive and flair for retailing the pharmacy took over the shop next door, doubled in size and opened 24 hours. Both took on many active rolls in the community culminating in Ken becoming the Mayor of the City of Melville until has tragic passing.

Michael then joined forces with Greg MacKenzie (1987), David Speak (1989) and Kim Brotherson (1992); the team that are now the directors of Pharmacy 777.


The Directors as they joined in partnership

The group has gone from strength to strength since the partnership of the four directors. Along the way there have been many partners join the team, continuing to show the passion and dedication Michael and Ken first established in 1962.

In 2003 with the initiative of Kim Brotherson Pharmacy Help began as a branch of the Pharmacy 777 Group.